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How to Create a Mini Cheese Board

Mini Charcuterie Boards with hot pepper bacon jam and raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip

We are obsessed with mini charcuterie boards! Not only are they the cutest things we’ve ever seen, they also are perfect for covid friendly snacking at a get together.
Our mini 4oz jars fit seamlessly on a personal size board. Get them plus all jams and mustards at 20% off now!
How to Make a Mini Charcuterie Board

Terrapin Ridge Farms 4oz Hot Pepper Bacon Jam
Terrapin Ridge Farms 4oz Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip
Mini Charcuterie Boards, as many as you are serving
Mini Brie wheels, cut in half or in quarters
Sliced hard cheese (cheddar, gouda, Monterey jack)
Sliced Salami
Olives or cornichon
Crackers or bread
Spreading knife

On each mini board arrange a single serving size of meat, cheese, crackers, nuts, pickled garnish, and one Terrapin Ridge Farms 4oz mini jar. We suggest 2 cheeses, 4 slices each and 2 meats with enough meat for the cheese. 8 crackers and a 3-4 olives or cornichons.

Lay out platters on your serving area for guests to grab (if you are not enjoying alone). Have wine pairing prepared set up around the mini boards. Make sure each board has its own utensils and napkin.