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Creamy Tomato Bacon Topper

Creamy Tomato Bacon Topper

Creamy Tomato Bacon Topper

Sweet ripe tomatoes, real bacon and a touch of cream bring to mind Italian comfort food. Best served warm as a tapenade for breads or pitas. Great topping for baked portabella mushrooms. Combine with sweet Italian sausage and fettucine for a quick and tasty meal. 

Keto Friendly.
Low Sugar.
Low Carb.

0 Added Sugar

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors 

Nt. Wt. 8oz, product image needs replacement.

Recipe Ideas: 
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"I bought a jar and put it in my pantry And forgot about it. Then one night, totally bored with my chicken breast I put some on it. Delish. Then I experimented and added some fat free cream cheese to it. Bingo -a new dip for pretzels, a cheesy bacon dip for crackers and, there’s more, a yummy topping on hamburgers, fish, etc. This is now a must for my pantry...but it’s not available. NOOOOO!"
- Linda Freedland