b'815 Buffalo Ranch Squeeze7.75 oz.811 Jalapeno Aioli Squeeze7.75 oz. Cool, tangy buttermilk ranch and zesty, spicy buffalo sauce combine The velvety texture of this aioli combined with jalapeos and a subtle hint of to make a well balanced taste sensation! Delicious on wraps, chickenlemon, make this the perfect sauce to squeeze on everything! Use this sauce sandwiches or burgers. Great dipping sauce for fried shrimp, chicken to add zing to burgers, sandwiches, fries, y ou name it. tenders or onion rings. Gluten free812 Pesto Aioli Garnishing Squeeze8 oz.810 Sriracha Aioli Garnishing Squeeze7.75 oz.The bright flavor of basil and a punch of raw garlic make this velvety aioli Weve combined creamy aioli with sriracha sauce, balancing the heat of reda flavorful spread or dip for veggies and crostini. Perfect for grilled chicken chiles with a dash of sugar and a hint of citrus. Use to transform your classicbreasts, sandwiches, wraps or as a finishing touch for flatbread pizzas. A deviled egg recipe. Drizzle on sandwiches, grilled fish or chicken and sweetmust have staple in any kitchen! Gluten free.potato fries. Gluten free. 813 Bacon Aioli Garnishing Squeeze7.75 oz.806-6 Hot Wasabi Garnishing Squeeze9 oz.Smokey bacon and tart Dijon mustard will delight the taste buds in This sauce gives the perfect balance of wasabi kick and flavor. Excellentthis velvety spread. A perfect burger builder and terrific for turkey club for garnishing crab cakes and sushi. Mix with sour cream and use as asandwiches. Excellent dipping sauce for grilled pork loin or roast chicken and condiment on salmon burgers or as a dip for fried shrimp. Gluten free.French fries. 809 Sriracha Horseradish Garnishing Squeeze 9 oz.814 Everything Aioli Squeeze8 oz. Sriracha and Horseradish give this sauce a one-two punch. Enliven gourmetWe called this everything aioli because you are going to want to put this sandwiches, wraps and burgers. Use as a dip for calamari, onion rings,on EVERYTHING. Its all in there ketchup, pickle, mustard, onion, mayo, and sweet potato fries. Add interest to tuna salad, potato salad & cole slaw.chilies. Perfect on burgers, sandwiches and wraps. Dip french fries and Gluten free.finger foods for a fab and tasty treat. 803-6 Spicy Chipotle Garnishing Squeeze9 oz. A well-blended balance of chipotle peppers, spices, cider vinegar and the zip of orange juice. Excellent to squeeze on fish tacos, or grilled chicken breasts. Great to garnish crab cakes or shrimp skewers. It adds a spicy kickDENOTES AVAILABLE to burgers, fries, sandwiches. Gluten free.IN GALLON SIZE111212 S. MYRTLE AVE. CLEARWATER, FL 33756 | PH: 727-442-3663'