b'9125 Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze9143 Cherry Pomegranate Habanero9091 Carnitas Sauce 12 fl oz. 12 fl oz.Sauce13.5 oz.Chile de Arbol, orange juice and Mexican spices Ripe apricots, fresh ginger and robust teriyakiAn incredible flavor fusion of cherries burstingare just a few of the ingredients which make blend together for a delicious glaze. Brush onwith flavor, pomegranate, roasted red peppers,our Carnitas Sauce mouth watering. Add sour grilled chicken, pork, beef or shrimp. Add to stironions and spicy habaneros. Use as a glaze forcream, salsa, black beans & rice for a fry veggies and rice. Perfect sauce for noodlechicken, pork ribs or salmon. Drizzle on roastedtasty meal. Creates great fillings for dishes. Drizzle on roasted acorn or butternutsweet potatoes and butternut squash or pouryour tacos, tostados and burritos. squash and sweet potatoes. over cream cheese for an easy appetizer!Yum! Gluten free. 9096 Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon9119 Cherry Ancho Chile Sauce9118 Raspberry Sauce12 fl oz.12 fl oz.Peach Chipotle The rich flavor of bourbon adds incredible depthA match like no otherthe deep fruity taste ofSauce 15 oz. to roasted peaches, while red pepper gives thischerries married with the unique earthy flavor ofJuicy peaches, tangy sauce just the right amount of heat. The resultancho chilies. Delicious for braising pork or beefraspberries, pure is an incredible glaze for fish, chicken or beefshort ribs. Brush on ribs, lamb chops, chickencane sugar & smoky and a delectable cheese topper. Heat this saucedrummettes. Delicious as a dip for finger foodschipotle peppers create and use on top of vanilla bean ice-cream. Glutenor cheeses.a tasty flavor fusion. free.This sauce is a natural9056 Tart Cherry, Apple &as a barbecue sauce or9078 Pineapple & Habanero SauceRosemary Glaze12 fl oz.a glaze for pork & poultry. 14.5 fl oz.This sauce is best used by brushing on meatMix with cream cheese for The Sweet and caramelized taste of roastedduring cooking. Apply once for a subtle flavor ora delicious spread for crackers pineapple is combined with red and green bellallow the sauce to glaze, then reapply multiple& bagels.peppers, onions and fiery habaneros. Pour overtimes for a more robust flavorful effect. Perfect cream cheese for an incredible appetizer. Terrificfor turkey, pork and chicken. For a real treat mix as a sauce for pork & chicken. Use as a dip withinto mashed sweet potatoes or acorn squash. tortilla chips. Gluten free and vegan.Gluten free. TROPICAL TEQUILA SHRIMP WRAPS12 Terrapinridge.com/blog for recipe'