b'Sauces9142 Ginger Wasabi9128 Horseradish Sauce 9102 Tropical Tequila Sauce10.5 fl oz8.5 oz. Sauce14 oz. The amazing duo of ginger andSmooth, velvety aioli combinedThe perfect combination of wasabi are brought together towith a pungent punch oftropical flavors: coconut, create a delightful sauce. Greathorseradish makes for amango and pineapple with as a sauce for sushi, or to addclassically delicious sauce!the kick of tequila. Brush on zip to tuna salad. Fire up thePerfect for roast beef, pastramisalmon, or your favorite white grill and drizzle on grilled tunaor corned beef. Fantastic saucefish. Baste chicken or pork. or salmon. Gluten free. for fried shrimp poboys. UseMakes a great dip for fried as a dip for sweet potato friesshrimp or chicken tenders. or baked pretzels. Gluten free. Gluten free.Terrapinridge.com/blog for recipe 13'