b'new 4 oz jars9085 Hot Pepper Bacon Jam5 oz. Roasted red bell pepper puree, jalapeo peppers and real bacon combine to create an addictive jam. For a quick appetizer, pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Use straight out of the jar as a dip. Pairs perfectly with strong cheeses. Delicious served with grilled fish and chicken or as a condiment on a sandwich, wrap or Panini. Gluten free.9123 Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip4.5 oz. Sweet honey, robust, course mustard and the juice from tart raspberries make a full flavored and textured mustard that adds a creative twist to ham, pork and poultry. Fantastic with hard cheeses and sandwiches. Add to vinaigrettes to make a wonderful salad dressing. Use as a dip with sweet potato fries and pretzels.PERFECT FORGIFT BASKETS, HOSTESS GIFTS, ADD ON SALES, GIVEAWAYS,CHARCUTERIE AND CHEESE BOARDS, DELI AND CHEESE COUNTERS.For recipes and servingsTERRAPINRIDGE.COM@TERRAPINRIDGE@TERRAPINRIDGEFARMS@TERRAPINRIDGE'