b'Jams & Relishes 9117 Apple Maple Bacon Jam11 oz. The blend of flavors including apples, cinnamon, maple, butter and bacon does not get better than this! Insanely delicious as a cheese toppertry on Brie! Incredible as a glaze for pork tenderloin, ham or a turkey breast. Perfect accompaniment for fried chicken and waffles. Gluten free. 9122 Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves11 oz. Ripe and juicy red raspberries bursting with flavor are fused with spicy jalapenos giving this sweet-heat jam a sophisticated twist. Mix with cream cheese and enjoy on a bagel or serve with crackers for a quick appetizer. Delectable as a glaze for chicken, pork and shrimp or as an accoutrement on your cheeseboard. Gluten free and vegan.9150 Amber Ale Pineapple Jalapeno Jam 10 oz. Iowa state fair winner! Amber ale combined with fruity pineapple and the right amount of heat from spicy jalapenos create a rich, full bodied and flavorful jam. This beer jam makes a delicious glaze for pork, poultry and fish. Fold into mashed sweet potatoes and serve with grilled salmon for a real treat. Yummy on a grilled chicken sandwich. Gluten free and vegan. 9135 Raspberry Amaretto Preserve11 oz. Bright, tangy raspberries and the subtle flavor of almonds and vanilla combine to make a delightful and tasty jam. Perfect spread for bagels and cream cheese, pancakes and waffles. Excellent jam for chocolate layer cake or thumbprint cookies. Add to sauted chicken breast to make a savory sauce or to grilled cheese paninis. Gluten free and vegan. 9095 Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam10.5 oz. Sweet raspberries and strawberries are mixed with roasted red peppers and real bacon to create the perfect blend of sweet, spicy and smoky. This mouth watering jam pairs splendidly with cheeses. Use as a marinade and finishing sauce for pork or poultry. For an incredible and easy appetizer, mix with cream cheese and serve with crackers. Gluten free. DENOTES AVAILABLE IN GALLON SIZE31212 S. MYRTLE AVE. CLEARWATER, FL 33756 | PH: 727-442-3663'