b'Jams & Relishes9133 Margarita Jelly11 oz. Its 5 oclock somewhere! This jelly is reminiscent of island time with the combined flavors of tequila, lime, orange and a hint of salt. Great with goat cheese as an appetizer. Wonderful glaze for grilled fish, blackened shrimp, chicken or pork. Gluten free and vegan.9045 Strawberry & Fig Jam11 oz. Figs and strawberries complement each other in this delicious jam, while a touch of orange zest gives this jam complex flavor. Marvelous spread on brie or goat cheese. Scrumptious spooned on pork tenderloin as a finishing sauce. Gluten free and vegan.9042 Mango Habanero Jam10.5 oz. Delight your palate with this perfect pairing of mellow mangos and feisty habaneros. Spread on pork, chicken and fish before baking. Mix with a brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers for an enticing appetizer. Gluten free and vegan. 9003 Balsamic Garlic Herb Jam10.5 oz. Balsamic vinegar, roasted garlic and herbs come together to form the perfect savory jam. Delicious spread over Brie, then heated until brie is warm inside. Incredible as a glaze for pork or chicken. Spoon over a goat cheese log, warm in oven and serve with crostini. Gluten free and vegan.9001 Passion Fruit Jalapeno Jelly11 oz. The subtropical passion fruit has intense aromatic flavor uniquely its own. Combine this with briny jalapeno, and you get the perfect combination of sweet and savory. This jelly is delicious warmed in the microwave and used as a dip for coconut shrimp or chicken satay. Gluten free and vegan.DENOTES AVAILABLE IN GALLON SIZE6FOR EASY ORDERING CALL 727-442-3663 | FOR RECIPE IDEAS VISIT US TERRAPINRIDGE.COM'