b'Snacks 9129 Cinnamon Graham Pretzel 8 oz. Crispy, crunchy graham and aromatic cinnamon make a perfect snacking pretzel! Perfect to add to cheese and fruit boards. Use with dessert dips, crush to make a great refrigerator pie crust or just use for munching. You cant go wrong with these delicious little morsels!9130 Chocolate Pretzel8 oz. Rich, delicious, slightly sweet flavor of chocolate all wrapped up in a light and crunchy pretzel! Perfect to add to cheese and fruit boards. Use with dessert dips. Top yogurt or simply have a treat with a cup of coffee or your favorite fresh brewed tea.9131 Braided Twist Pretzel8 oz. Light and crispy with just the right amount of buttery flavor, these are the perfect snacking pretzel! Use with your favorite dip or salsa. Perfect for dipping in all of our mustards. 9126 Everything Cracker4 oz. 9127 Sea Salt Cracker4 oz. 9054 Sea Salt Pita Chip8 oz.This multi-grain cracker hasa hint of olive oilExpect more than your average cracker withOur Sea Salt pita chips are made with a unique and classic everything seasoning, includingour delicious, thin, buttery and crisp Sea Saltkettle process giving them more flavor, better sea salt, poppy seeds, black sesame seeds,crackers. The well-balanced flavor of thesetexture and crunch compared to twice-baked onion, garlic and caraway seeds. This crackercrackers make them a great pair for anythingpita chips.Flavorful on their own or use them to adds a flavorful twist to any charcuterie board.from a meat and cheese board to a savory ordip hummus, dips, and salsas.Top with cream cheese and one of our jams forsweet jam. Top with salami, capicola, jamon or a delicious snack or appetizer! your favorite cheese and one of our mustards or jams. 8FOR EASY ORDERING CALL 727-442-3663 | FOR RECIPE IDEAS VISIT US TERRAPINRIDGE.COM'