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Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing

Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing
Also Available in Gallon Sizes: 

Hatch Chile Ranch Dressing

The prized green chile from Hatch, New Mexico provides a flavorful kick to our bold ranch dressing. Soon to be your favorite, use on salads, sandwiches and as a dip.

Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
Low Carb 
Low Sugar

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors 

"Remarkable selection and I love everything I tried."
- Nancy Kiley Erickson-Flake
"I was hesitant to try this dressing because I don’t really like spicy food but am I glad I tried it, it is delicious and has just a nice little kick to it, and now I am quite addicted to it. I have it on my salad everyday! I am going to buy more! I also love this brands raspberry pepper jam! Great products!!"
- Peggy Erwin
" As most of you know I've been in LOVE with the amazing @terrapinridgefarms products since I discovered them last year. I use them on my husband's wraps & sandwiches, & have been finding other creative ways to use them in our dinners "
- LeeAnne
"Discovered Hatch Ranch dressing at Central Market &CANNOT get enough!!! LOVE IT! 1st bottle gone in 6 days, went back bought 3 bottles! Fantastic product! Hope to be able to get locally and not just seasonally! "
- Jennifer Rosa