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Hot Wasabi

Hot Wasabi
Also Available in Gallon Sizes: 

Hot Wasabi

This sauce has the perfectly pungent Wasabi kick and flavor.

If you are a food-service customer or associated with a restaurant please contact 800-999-4056 for wholesale pricing.

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"Remarkable selection and I love everything I tried."
- Nancy Kiley Erickson-Flake
"Guys, go get you some @terrapinridgefarms aioli! I don't even eat pork/bacon often, but boy-oh-boy... this was DELICIOUS!! I oven "fried" wings at 375° for 25-30 mins then 450° for about 15 minutes tossing them once. "
- Chinomso Moon
"Try this sauce! You, your family & friends will be glad you did. I've used it for years on everything from eggs, potatoes, breakfast scrambles, fish, chicken, steak, grilled veggies, mac-n-cheese and more. Whenever I garnish with this, my guests ask "what is that?!", and they wind up buying a bottle of Spicy Chipotle Squeeze for themselves (or I give them a bottle when their birthday rolls-around!). My husband knows to pick up 2-3 bottles every time he grocery shops (but today I'm buying in bulk direct from Terrapin Ridge; the online price is less than I pay at my local grocer.). If you are concerned about the "spiciness" of this sauce, I would say it's a 2.5 on a scale of 5. I can't handle hot/spicy foods, so I love this product because it's flavor & not just heat. Recipe idea: nearly every morning I make a scramble of kale, cabbage & other veggies I have on hand, add leftover "protein" from dinner the night before, maybe some quinoa or red potatoes, and finish with this Chipotle Sauce. Garnish w/ avocado or grilled tomato slices. If I am using "fish" in my scramble, I use the Wasabi Squeeze, it's equally as good as the Chipotle. The Wasabi is also great drizzled over pot stickers. oh, the Wasabi IS spicy, spicier than the Chipotle. A bonus feature of this product is that it comes in a squeeze bottle so you get a nice presentation when you drizzle on your meal. Enjoy!! "
- Tracy from Bainbridge Island, WA
" As most of you know I've been in LOVE with the amazing @terrapinridgefarms products since I discovered them last year. I use them on my husband's wraps & sandwiches, & have been finding other creative ways to use them in our dinners "
- LeeAnne

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