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Jalapeno Hatch Chile Jam

Jalapeno Hatch Chile Jam
Also Available in Gallon Sizes: 

Jalapeno Hatch Chile Jam

Jalapeno and Hatch chile peppers create the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Pour on top of cream cheese and serve with crackers for a tasty appetizer. Great as a burger or brat topping, delicious folded in scrambled eggs and mashed sweet potatoes or use a glaze for grilled or baked fish or chicken.

Gluten Free.

Simple Ingredients * Intense  Flavors

"Terrific on toast, biscuits, or just a spoonful by itself. And yes, it is really good on a slice of cheese. Has a slight kick from the two spicy peppers but that is tamed nicely by the sweetness."
- Bill Eger