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Bacon Aioli Squeeze

Bacon Aioli Squeeze
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Bacon Aioli Squeeze

Smokey bacon and tart Dijon mustard will delight the taste buds in this velvety spread. A perfect burger builder and terrific for turkey club sandwiches.  Excellent dipping sauce for grilled pork loin or roast chicken and French fries.   

Gluten Free.
Keto Friendly.
Low Carb.
Low Sugar. 
NON-GMO Canola Oil.
Dairy Free.

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors 

Nt. Wt. 7.75oz. product image needs replacement.

"Bacon Aioli is a beauty queen in her own right! I wasn't ready!! Such a bold flavor. Not overwhelming. Perfect! I tried it on plain bread and it elevated a plain ol' piece of bread to artisan! This will beautifully upgrade whatever you are eating. @terrapinridgefarms... Please put me on your taste testing committee... these are too good!! "
- Chinomso Moon