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Mother’s Day Cheeseboard

Cheese, Meat, Wine, Crackers, and time for chit-chat. The perfect Mother’s Day treat. Pick out mom’s favorite meats and cheeses. The amount of cheese and meat depends on how many people you are serving. We recommend 3 ounces of meat and 2 ounces of cheese per person. One mustard and one jam. Two favorites are Pecan Honey Mustard and Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserves.
Let your creativity speak and assemble the board however you please! We suggest placing items that go together near each other, in a way having the board design guide the consumer. For a fun Mother’s Day twist, buy brie and cut out a heart in the middle of the brie. Use this as a bowl for the Hot Pepper Raspberry Preserve and use the heart cut-out as edible decoration on the board. Add tulips, berries, nuts, and something pickled and voila your Mother’s Day Board is complete.
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