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Olive Tapenade, Quinoa Crusted Salmon

The pairing of flavor in this recipe is to die for. Serve with sauteed vegetables or a light sauced pasta. Delicious with a glass of white wine. You can enjoy this dish on a romantic evening or with friends and family.

 4 (6 oz.) salmon fillets, skin and pin bones removed
Salt and pepper
2/3 cup quinoa, unrinsed and uncooked
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Jar Terrapin Ridge Farms Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olive Tapenade 

Season your salmon filets with salt and pepper to taste. Press the quinoa into both sides of the salmon evenly, you may sprinkle the quinoa out so you can lay the full filet down and press each side in. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add fillets and cook, turning once, until golden brown and cooked through; 10 minutes for 1-inch thick fillets. Remove filets from pan and spoon Terrapin Ridge Farms Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olive Tapenade over the salmon filets. Serve and enjoy!
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