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Pineapple Habanero Pizza


½ cup Terrapin Ridge Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce, divided
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
Pre-made, store bought pizza crust
Grilled chicken
Sincerely Bridget Parsley & Chive cheese, grated
¼ cup red onion, thinly sliced
fresh spinach, chopped


Coat boneless, skinless chicken breasts with olive oil. Season with salt & pepper. Grill. About 10 minutes before done, brush with Pineapple Habanero Sauce. Let rest 5 minutes. After chicken rests, cut into cubes or thin slices. Serve with additional sauce for dipping. Mix softened cream cheese with ¼ cup Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Sauce until blended. Spread a thin layer on the crust as the pizza sauce. Top with spinach, grilled chicken, onion and grated cheese. Grill or bake until cheese is bubbly.