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Goat Cheese & Pear Sandwich

The perfect spring sandwich. Goat cheese, arugula, fresh pears and Garlic, Balsamic Jam.

2 pieces whole wheat or 7 grain bread
Small log, plain goat cheese
Fresh arugula
1 pear, sliced thin and sautéed in a little butter
Terrapin Ridge Balsamic, Garlic & Herb Jam
Deli Roast Beef, sliced thin (optional)


Heat panini grill or non-stick frying pan. Butter each piece of bread; on other side of bread
smear one slice with goat cheese and smear other piece with Terrapin Ridge Balsamic, Garlic & Herb Jam.
Assemble sandwich…goat cheese slice on the bottom, then sliced pears, then arugula, then roast beef (this sandwich is also wonderful without meat), then top with the slice of bread that has the jam on it.
Grill until brown, flip and do the same with the other side. It’s a great sandwich served with some kettle chips!

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