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"Like Judith, we are refugees from the old version of Rxxxxx Rxxxxxxxxx Fxxx Raspberry Wasabi Dipping Mustard, which for well over a decade we bought by the case. After buying a test jar of the Terrapin Ridge Farms version, we've now ordered a case of your mustard."
- David Guberman

"This is great on almost anything. I use it instead of mayo or mustard for sandwiches, and add a generous to vegetables like broccoli or corn. It packs a punch, but is not overwhelming... just enough to make my nose run a bit after eating. Buffalo Ranch definitely livens things. I loathe horseradish, but I will make a roast beef sandwich using it. Wonderful flavor!"
- Eileen O'Brien

"I can't live without the chile lime aioli. I've made it several different ways and bought others, but none compare to this one. It's AMAZING on sweet potato fries. I know it sounds gross, but it's the perfect condiment for them. It's been great on everything I've tried it on. The bonus is that I can also support a local business."
- Susan Chandler

"This stuff is addictive! I love anything with bacon & tomato in its name, & this product does not disappoint. I could spoon it out of the jar & inhale it. I put it on vegetables (broccoli, asparagus) and loved it. I might order a case so I never run out."
- Eileen O'Brien

"We bought a bottle of the Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze a couple of weeks ago at a shop north of Duluth, Minnesota. We glazed a pork loin last weekend and finished the bottle with chicken breast tonight. It was so delicious that I ordered 3 more bottles and a few others to try!"
- Darcy Brechbiel, MN

"Greetings! I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the Dill Pickle Mustard. We're just finishing our first jar and I have ordered 3 more, along with some things we've not yet tried. My husband is not typically a fan of mustard on his burgers, choosing mayo and no pickles, almost always - but he tried this on a burger recently, along with me, and really liked it! Also, normally when I make potato salad, I have to scoop out his portion while it has only mayo, and then I add some French's mustard to the rest. Today, I scooped his part into a separate bowl. Then I thought I would dip a little bit out and add the Dill Pickle Mustard, just to see what it was like. I immediately took some over to him and said, "Just try this and see what you think." Well, his eyes lit up and he said, "Yeah, do that!" When I asked if he still wanted his separate bowl with mayo only, he declined and said to put it all back together with the Dill Pickle Mustard. We have been married almost 47 years, and this was a "first"."
- Becky

"I'm telling you that Dill Pickle Mustard is so good, I can drink it!"
- Kristopher @girldadbbq

"Thank you. Your Raspberry Wasabi Mustard is Perfect! There was another Raspberry Wasabi mustard I used for decades but the company changed their formula and it wasn’t the same. Yours is my salvation I have been searching for. It’s even better!!! Be assured I’ll be ordering a case next time. Thank you again."
- Judith Aufdemkampe

"I got this at a local gourmet store and was completely blown away! Had it on sourdough toast and I don't think toast has ever tasted so good! Perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and savory."
- Maya (OH)

"I like to keep it simple and easy. This is fantastic just spread on top of a pancake (the best packaged mix is Krusteaz/. Recipe: 1 Cup Krusteaz mix, 2/3 cup water. Smear a little butter on cast iron skillet. Make a pancake and open the jar or fabulous Apple Maple Bacon Jam. Put the pancake on a plate and smear the top with the jam. Better than any syrup. Anxious to try some of your other flavors. If you serve as a dessert just add whipped cream or ice cream with a couple of apple slices. But the jam is the star by far! Great product."
- Christy Musgrave

"WOW! Only jams we use now. Flavor is amazing. Goes well with baked brie, crackers, and sourdough any-thing! Don't be imitated by the "Hot Pepper" flavor (or be disappointed) because the berry brings out the sweetness in this jam. Quite frankly, there's nothing spicy about any of their "Hot pepper" flavors. It has a nice kick but very mild"
- anonymous

"I have been enjoying your delicious products after being “introduced” to them at a friend’s party. Now my pantry is always stocked with your jams, aiolis, dressings, and mustards. To make it all even better, today a Fresh Market ad told me Terrapin Ridge Farms is a woman-owned business. Hooray! Keep the good work and deliciousness coming! I have told so many of my friends about your terrific products. I’m a forever customer. By the way, your customer service is great!"
- Wylyn Doherty


I was at a spice store in Rochester, New York looking for a gift for my partner. I came across your Coconut Curry Aioli, and decided to put it in my basket. Boy, am I beyond happy that I did. From my first taste of this product, I have put it on all of my meals. From my morning eggs, to my lunch sandwiches, and my dinner rice and chicken. I am a self-identified condiment lover, and the Coconut Curry Aioli is like no condiment I have tried before. It’s flavor is absolutely wonderful, and the bit of sweetness in it adds the perfect touch. Let me also mention the nozzle on the bottle adds for a perfect drizzle. I thought I was in love with my partner, but it was your Coconut Curry Aioli that swept me away. Please never discontinue this product - it is a gem in this world. <3

- Danielle

"Blueberry bourbon pecan jam Review or Testimonial: I put this on a spiral ham about the last 15 minutes before the ham was done. Oh my did this taste good. The ham tasted like heaven. We also had it on our biscuits again great flavor. I am so in love with this jam. And I have canned my own jam for over 40 years. I hate to admit but it is so much better than mine."
- Kathy

"Found this on sale at my local Publix and bought one jar to try. Wow. I love most anything Pumpkin and this was outstanding. I used it on a sandwich then had a few teaspoons right out of the jar. I have now ordered more and am trying some other items."
- Mona Mitchell

"Dude. I just smothered a rack of lamb without the fat cap on it, with your Smokey Maple Bacon Mustard. Roasted it to perfection with a little candied crunch on top from the sugars... Hands down, best decision ever! It was my first time using it. I am so impressed. Ate only 2 ribs before i realized I had to tell you. Dear Lord it is good!"
- Ryan Jorgenson

"How Did You Hear About Us? Christmas gift that blew my mind!!! Received the Jalapeno sauce"
- Aj

"Terrapin Ridge Farms' Hatch Chili Bacon Ranch dip is the first Terrapin Ridge product I ever tried and it remains my absolute favorite . It is delicious as a simple dip for pretzels, a sandwich spread, a sauce for cooked meat, or just right off the spoon!"
- Angie Poppell

"This stuff is absolutely *amazing*. It seriously tastes like you’re eating blueberry pie, and for a lot less calories. Worth every penny!"
- Deby D.

"Love at 1st taste!! We tried all the bacon jam flavors, and we've not bought any other jams at the grocery stores since! Our favorite is the "Hot Pepper Berry Bacon" jam. Don't let the title "Hot Pepper" fool you. It's not spicy at all but the flavor is incredible!! It has a VERY mild spicy flavor with sweet berry richness. We spread the jams over brie or just plain toasted sour dough. This is also amazing over a baked brie and dipped with crackers. So delicious. Life is too short to waste money on regular jam from the grocery stores!"
- Mia

"Saw your ad on Facebook. Your's was one site I just could not block - it all looks so good"
- N


I have to tell you I very rarely write a comment about a product or service.
So for me to do this means a Lot!
By chance I picked up a jar of your dill pickle mustard.
It’s the Best. I’m think I’m going to try some of your other products.

- Robert Roberts

"I've been using this product, as well as others, a decade or more. It tastes great with black bean burgers also! I love it so much I make sure to buy enough to share with my family and friends. Many of their jams and sauces taste great over brie"
- Julieanna Walker

"i love your products!!! ty 4 great sauces!!"

"My daughter gave me the small jar of Hot Pepper Bacon Jam for my birthday. Possibly the best thing that ever rode a cracker into my mouth. My order is forthcoming!"
- Kenneth A Wolkin

"I'm Italian and from New Jersey. So I'm very picky, love to cook, and know good food and sauces. The Spicy Chipotle sauce is the best I've ever had. I use it on everything, from chicken on the grill to nachos and everything in between. I highly recommend it."
- Joe Ciprietti

"Wow... just wow! I am super impressed at Terrapin Farms' ability to pack their products with powerful flavor. I constantly use my many hot sauces or add pickled jalapenos, peppers, onions etc. to everything I eat in pursuit of flavor pow. Tonight I tried the recipe on this site for the Carnitas Simmer Sauce. The smallest pork shoulder we could find was 4.5 pounds so I doubled the potatoes, carrots and celery but did not increase the water or sauce. (Good thing or it would have overflowed my slowcooker.) The flavor is intense! Perfect for me... but on the edge of too hot for my fiance (who admits to having a "Lutheran palette"). He swirled some plain Greek yogurt in to cool his it down. It was so delicious that way I added some to the second half of my bowl, too. The meat itself isn't too spicy for him, tacos or a sandwich would be just fine, only the stew liquid was edgy. I'd put several hot sauces and condiments on the table but didn't use a one... this is amazing just as is. And the recipe is a snap to throw together. It's a keeper."
- Barbara

"came upon these sauces and i am HOOKED, especially on the jalepeno aioli!!! Going to try some new dips this time!!!"
- Kelly Mcpartland


Hello, just got another delivery of your products. Not only am I hooked, hooked my wife tonight! Showed her how to take some of the flavored mustards with a little water and make salad dressings out of them. The sky is the limit. I am on a very good diet called Profile by Sanford and have lost 35 pounds in 2 months. Your products have been part of my diet on a daily basis. One gets creative.

- Joe Reynolds

"Just had to let you know that sriracha horseradish is damn near the best thing I have ever had in my life"
- Brendon Engel

"I was hesitant to try this dressing because I don’t really like spicy food but am I glad I tried it, it is delicious and has just a nice little kick to it, and now I am quite addicted to it. I have it on my salad everyday! I am going to buy more! I also love this brands raspberry pepper jam! Great products!!"
- Peggy Erwin

"On a scale of 1-10, this sauce is a 12! I poured a bottle of 2lbs of chicken breast in the crockpot on low for 4 hours. I mixed in a can of black beans and served over rice and tortillas with cheese and sour cream. The flavor is restaurant quality. I’m buying more to try with pork and beef. Use this for tacos, salads, nachos, taquitos, etc."
- Mary Brimer

"I just got the blueberry bourbon pecan jam and I was not expecting it to be this good. It’s really fantastic. And so flavorful, a little goes a long way. I will definitely be buying more from this business."
- crystal lynn


My son knows that I like to try weird combinations of things so he sent me a jar of the hot pepper bacon jam. This stuff is delicious on just about anything.
I have it with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, cheeses, all kinds of meats and it’s great.

- Stan Scott

"This mustard is a staple in my house. My kids ask for it by name on every sandwich from turkey sandwiches to grilled cheese."
- Erin Foster

"The creamy bacon tomato topper (aka - crack) should never be eaten by anyone... but me. Bought and received my delicacies last week. Just opened up the "crack" tonight with some celery, and OH MY! Then hubby came along with some crackers and the next thing you know I'm using my fingers to clean out the jar. Yup. One sitting!! Ordering two more tonight (have to -- it's like crack). I'll be trembling till I have the new jars in front of me. Looking forward to discovering new pairings for this topper."
- Laura Plecki, Chicago

"I used this as a marinade & glaze for baked chicken thighs & drumsticks tonight. First time trying this product & it was wonderful!! I even posted a product photo on my Facebook page. Good stuff!!"
- Maggie

"I bought this product in a store and it was so yummy I found your site and bought two more and some other things to try."
- Delia A Rodeick

"I normally do not like Hot food and steer clear of anything with Jalapeños, my roommate brought this home and I tried it OMG! I love love love this sauce! It’s full of creamy jalapeño flavor with out the hot. My new favorite sauce!"
- Michelle Marsh

"Tried the Dill Pickle Mustard that was BOGO at Publix this week. Had never heard of your brand but saw it in the deli area and thought it sounded great. It is! Tonight we had snacks for dinner -- pretzel bites with the mustard, and blackberries, strawberries, honeydew melon, and almonds. We are plant-based and love condiments and sauces!"
- Diana Davis

"Your hot pepper bacon jam is the best I’ve ever tasted!!!! Period Thank you"
- Jim Rafferty

"This sauce is such a surprise. Not intimidating, but potent. Characterized by a slightly sweet undercurrent, uplifting ginger and smack- you- in- the- face wasabi, it is sublime on roasted salmon. Extra dollops added by even the most timid in my house after an initial "sensible" napping of the chosen fish. We are enraptured with its effect on spicy roasted salmon. I am looking for ways to use it - maybe mixed with rice when served with another fish; spooned over boring veggies; swirled into an Asian salad featuring greens, bean sprouts,, sesame seeds and won-ton croutons. I am a chef and usually prefer to make my own sauces, but this baby is the bomb. Why sweat when you can spoon this over, well, everything!"
- Cherie Kimmons

"I bought a jar and put it in my pantry And forgot about it. Then one night, totally bored with my chicken breast I put some on it. Delish. Then I experimented and added some fat free cream cheese to it. Bingo -a new dip for pretzels, a cheesy bacon dip for crackers and, there’s more, a yummy topping on hamburgers, fish, etc. This is now a must for my pantry...but it’s not available. NOOOOO!"
- Linda Freedland

- Jules Fieri

"That coconut curry aioli might just be the best condiment I've ever eaten."
- Jane Hardy

"That coconut curry aioli might just be the best condiment I've ever eaten."
- Jane Hardy

"I received your hot pepper bacon jam as part of a Man Crate birthday gift from my kids and I absolutely love the jam. The jam is now one of my most favorite items in the refrigerator and my go to item when I want a sweet, spicy, flavorful treat. I will be ordering more of this and will try many more flavors from your company. Great job!"
- James

"Terrific on toast, biscuits, or just a spoonful by itself. And yes, it is really good on a slice of cheese. Has a slight kick from the two spicy peppers but that is tamed nicely by the sweetness."
- Bill Eger

"3 weeks ago I had your hot bacon jam with a cheese selection at the Wine Bar in Kiawah SC. I immediately bought 4 jars-2 of which I sent to friend in NYC. Thank you. I am hopelessly addicted."
- Mary Lou Scott

"This was the best tropical sauce I've ever had on chicken wings--definitely will buy again"
- Lillis Gjertson

"This mustard is stupid good! I use it as a glaze for my pan roasted brussel sprouts, which takes them to another level of delicious."
- Hanna, NOLA

"Just discovered this company, and this is the first item from my order that I tried. I used a couple tablespoons of this to make sautéed chicken a little more exciting, and the taste was incredible. It probably didn't hurt that the chicken was sautéing in lard and toasted ghee--the flavors of those combined wonderfully well with the pumpkin honey mustard. I ended up using the chicken in tacos with guacamole and shredded cheese, and they were delicious. Can't wait to think of other things to do with this lovely mustard."
- Gerri Leen, VA

"This is the reason my family eats hamburgers. The flavor in this aioli is amazing. Makes all our basic grilled foods taste 1,000 times better. It has replaced mayonnaise in our house. We highly recommend trying this sauce. You'll never turn back."
- Katherine Gannon, NY

"I have become a huge fan of the Everything Aoili! It does have it all, both literally and figuratively. A small kick and robust flavors. I wish it came in larger size containers however."
- Roger Howard

"Just had to tell you that your spicy chipotle sauce is the best damned sauce I’ve ever tasted."
- Max Nova

"For a house gift, we now take the bacon pepper jelly instead of a bottle of wine. Its a big hit!"
- Anonymous

"The Apple Maple Bacon jam is out of this world delicious! Please try it soon. I put it on top of Brie cheese on Crostini crackers. AMAZING!"
- Donna M. Stanish

"Just tried your spicy chipotle sauce. And WOW! Best chipotle sauce we have tried in the last few years that goes great with everything you pair it with. We are officially fans of your brand now. Can’t wait to try the other products you sell."
- Jerry Siff

"Bought the "Apple Maple Bacon Jam" for cheese topper or glaze it is delicious! Next grocery trip I plan to try all! We used it for our crackers and cheese. Yum"
- Jamie Kay

"The Apple Maple Bacon jam is out of this world delicious! Please try it soon. I put it on top of Brie cheese on Crostini crackers. AMAZING!"
- Donna M. Stanish

"Asiago cheese and spinach dip! Amazing!"
- Beverly E. Goode


I have to hide the Everything Aioli from everyone in my house!

- Mrs. P

"I live in Riverside County CA , where can I buy your peach bourbon sauce. I purchased it in Paso Robles CA while on vacation. I took it to a party poured over cream cheese. & people went crazy for it. They were bagging for the product name."
- Jean Stanly

"Just wanted to tell you that I had your smoky onion mustard and it was the BEST mustard I've ever tasted!"
- Dina Brennan

"This jam is "life-changing""
- Elise and Dennis

"I could not find this sauce anywhere in the Lexington, KY area. I tried the hot peach bourbon sauce as well, it is good. I will give it an 8.9 on the scale. Now the roasted pineapple sauce is simply fantastic. This sauce could be put on a flip flop and be delicious. I bought the Rothschild sauces, sweet onion and the pineapple from Kroger, out of desperation and some positive reviews. Both fair to midland. Both I poured both down the drain for the new king, roasted pineapple habanero sauce. I am a sauce person, love them. This sauce rules!!! My apologies I cannot get enough of this sauce, pork, fish, chicken, vanilla ice cream, it has that much flavor. I have tried hundreds of sauces and BBQ sauces. As far as BBQ sauces there is a king and it is HEAD original, out of Oklahoma. Hope this helps."
- chris hortman

"Remarkable selection and I love everything I tried."
- Nancy Kiley Erickson-Flake

"Try Hot Pepper Bacon Jam on a cheeseburger !! AHHHHHmazing ! "
- Barbara Kravitz

"LOVE these products! If you haven't tried the Roasted Pineapple and Habanero sauce you are missing out. Delicious!"
- Mark Pena O'Brien

"The apple horseradish and the hot pepper bacon do very well in our shop."
- Michael Johnson

"The cherry, apple and rosemary glaze is delicious! Will be buying again for future pork loins!"
- Audrey Rice

"Just tried the beet/horseradish mustard and it's amazing!! I can't wait to try cooking with it!"
- Tammy Martin

"I purchased some of the Ginger, Miso, & Honey Salad dressing and I have to say it is better than any dressing I have had at any restaurant. I was about to throw the bottle away and I happened to look down and realize that the company is located right down the street from my work. Knowing this I will be a loyal customer for life."
- Tiffany Revine

"I got the Bacon Pepper Jelly in a "Man Crate" from a co worker as a gift... where have they been all my life!?! Finished my Xmas shopping too cause I found them. Awesome! And ordered some treats for us."
- Matt Cole

"Awesome products! Love their Hot Pepper Bacon Jam."
- Jean-François Burman

"The blue cheese sauce is out of this world, I could eat it by the spoonful! I haven’t found a sauce I dislike yet ( and I think I’ve tried almost all of them) Terrapin Ridge Farms is a must for every meal!!"
- Madison Schorr

"Discovered Hatch Ranch dressing at Central Market &CANNOT get enough!!! LOVE IT! 1st bottle gone in 6 days, went back bought 3 bottles! Fantastic product! Hope to be able to get locally and not just seasonally! "
- Jennifer Rosa

"I bought some hot pepper bacon jam and it is the bomb! I added a teaspoon to my deviled eggs and they were over the top!"
- Vicky Platt

"Oh my hubby and I are literally obsessed with your chipotle sauce! Since we discovered it a few months ago he bought three bottles and we’re already on the last one! It’s sooo delicious! Thank you for making such a fabulous product! "
- healthydivapartyprincess

"The hot pepper bacon jam is so good."
- John Antonio

"As most of you know I've been in LOVE with the amazing @terrapinridgefarms products since I discovered them last year. I use them on my husband's wraps & sandwiches, & have been finding other creative ways to use them in our dinners"
- LeeAnne

"I paired it (salmon) with shredded brussel sprouts, cabbage, and kale that I tossed in this wonderful Ginger, Miso, and Honey Dressing from @terrapinridgefarms . This dressing was to die FOR. Not just from the simple ingredients but the taste was amazing. "
- Ali Lingdren

"Bacon Aioli is a beauty queen in her own right! I wasn't ready!! Such a bold flavor. Not overwhelming. Perfect! I tried it on plain bread and it elevated a plain ol' piece of bread to artisan! This will beautifully upgrade whatever you are eating. @terrapinridgefarms... Please put me on your taste testing committee... these are too good!! "
- Chinomso Moon

"Pesto aioli, tastes just like pesto, but BETTER. I think this will pair well with a hearty kale salad with a salmon filet and fresh lemon squeezed over top or a pasta salad."
- Chinomso Moon

"Guys, go get you some @terrapinridgefarms aioli! I don't even eat pork/bacon often, but boy-oh-boy... this was DELICIOUS!! I oven "fried" wings at 375° for 25-30 mins then 450° for about 15 minutes tossing them once. "
- Chinomso Moon

"There is a typo on your Korean hot sauce.(which is amazing) it says "...or add to add to Mac 'n' cheese" looks like add to got added in twice. It's perfect on Mac and cheese though keep up the good work."
- Spencer Carlton

"I just had your Pecan Honey Mustard and it is the best mustard I have ever tried! I am wondering if you have any retailers in Canada? I am hoping so!! "
- Melody Pitts

"Hello! I got my husband a Man Crate for Christmas and now I’m in love with the Hot Pepper Bacon Jam! Can you tell me if there’s anywhere around me that sells it? Zip code is 98366 or Port Orchard, WA. Thank you! "
- Anonymous

"Tried your Carnitas Simmer Sauce from a friend tonight and WOW! Wanted to order immediately and I see it’s sold out. Any idea when it will we back in or a way to get a notice when it’s back in stock. Well done! "
- Kate McLean

"Absolutely love the product, (and Spicy Chipotle too!!), but having a hard time finding it. - Mark Smestad "
- Review


I never do this (messaging companies) - but after buying your Everything Aioli on a whim during a trip to my local coffee shop, I have to tell you guys - this stuff is amazing! I can't wait to try your other products when I make my next trip back. Just wanted to share my appreciation for what you guys do. -Bryan Campbell

- Everything Aioli


The blueberry bourbon pecan jam stuffed in brioche with sweetened cream cheese French toast is deliciousness ! Great jam...- Amy Householder

- Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam

"This**** is legittttttt "
- Edashmo from Reading, PA

"This **** is legittttttt "
- Edashmo from Reading, PA

"Absolutely delicious. Used it in the crockpot with 6 pounds of pork shoulder. Fantastic. Will be ordering more to give as gifts and for myself too. "
- Jan from Slippery Rock, PA

"Try this sauce! You, your family & friends will be glad you did. I've used it for years on everything from eggs, potatoes, breakfast scrambles, fish, chicken, steak, grilled veggies, mac-n-cheese and more. Whenever I garnish with this, my guests ask "what is that?!", and they wind up buying a bottle of Spicy Chipotle Squeeze for themselves (or I give them a bottle when their birthday rolls-around!). My husband knows to pick up 2-3 bottles every time he grocery shops (but today I'm buying in bulk direct from Terrapin Ridge; the online price is less than I pay at my local grocer.). If you are concerned about the "spiciness" of this sauce, I would say it's a 2.5 on a scale of 5. I can't handle hot/spicy foods, so I love this product because it's flavor & not just heat. Recipe idea: nearly every morning I make a scramble of kale, cabbage & other veggies I have on hand, add leftover "protein" from dinner the night before, maybe some quinoa or red potatoes, and finish with this Chipotle Sauce. Garnish w/ avocado or grilled tomato slices. If I am using "fish" in my scramble, I use the Wasabi Squeeze, it's equally as good as the Chipotle. The Wasabi is also great drizzled over pot stickers. oh, the Wasabi IS spicy, spicier than the Chipotle. A bonus feature of this product is that it comes in a squeeze bottle so you get a nice presentation when you drizzle on your meal. Enjoy!! "
- Tracy from Bainbridge Island, WA

" I love this product. I found it at a local store where they keep gourmet food products. If I can’t find it locally I will have it shipped to me from Terrapin Ridge. Best ever. "
- Candace from Las Vegas, NV

"I used it over boneless/skinless chicken thighs, carrots and onions in the crock pot. I added about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar so the sauce would pour easier over the top of the crockpot contents. It was delish! Served it with brown basmati rice and some of the juice from the crockpot over the rice. Nice sweet taste, not too sweet though, and a nice bite of heat. "
- Val from Phoenix, AZ

"I bought this sauce from Burlington(yes, formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory) because it was on sale & it looked as if it was really delicious. Man oh man was it delicious! It's the best sauce I've had on anything. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE "Chicken Shack" barbeque sauce, but this sauce was beyond that sauce. I'm going to order a couple bottles because I can't find it at Burlington any longer. Every flavor base is represented perfectly with this sauce. Terrapin Ridge Farms if you ever need someone to do a commercial for your sauce, please contact me. :-) Thanks for this amazingly delicious sauce. "
- F. from Southgate, MI

"What a delicious sauce! This is now a staple on our dinner table. "
- Nikki from Mason, Ohio

"Excellent sauce/dip. Great with rice and chicken dishes.. We use it as the marinade for our chicken, for at least four hours. We don't drain it off but coat lightly in unflavored Panko crumbs. We bake it and serve over rice with a sauce bowl of this Blueberry Honey Mustard on the side. It is delicious! "
- Patricia from Mineola, NY

"Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam Review or Testimonial: Absolutely LOVE this jam!! Tastes amazing with cream cheese and spread on Ritz crackers..YUMMO! - Carrie from Manitowoc, WI "
- Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam

"This stuff is where it's at!! A friend brought it to me from TN and it didn't last a week in my house! I just ordered 5 jars. It is now a staple ingredient in my kitchen! -- Nicole Rapisardi "
- Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

"Hot Pepper Bacon Jam Review or Testimonial: This stuff is addictive. It is unbelievably delish. Now I have to remember where I bought it. I am out and having withdrawal. :-) I haven't tried all the recipes suggested, just over cream cheese. If the other recipes are as good, my diet is in trouble. "
- Sara Strickland

"This is the best dressing I have ever had. It is lower in calories than many dressings and tastes amazing. I used it in salad with kale, cranberries and sunflower seeds! YUMMY!"
- Katie Chavez

"The Hot pepper bacon jam is delicious. We served it over cream cheese and out guests loved it. In fact I was asked by a couple of my guests to order jars of this jam for them!"
- Elizabeth Thomen

"You will not believe how delicious this is! We use it in our catering business in lots of different ways.... we marinate our pork loin, brush it on our pork loin before cooking, wrap the pork loin with bacon, and then drizzle the pork loin with it after it's done. It's an OMG moment! Great over baked brie. Just use your imagination!!!!"
- Linda Hall

"Honestly, we can't taste the heat but the flavor is full without it. Tried it as suggested, poured over cream cheese to scoop onto a cracker - fantastic. Also put it on a ciabatta bun with a grilled hamburger, pepper jack cheese and some avocado - also wonderful."
- Jan Kotila

"Follow directions to build up several coatings while grilling and this sauce delivers. Unique flavor of ingredients comes through well. Leaves a nice color as well. Try it - you'll like it."
- Mike Yorke

"Amazingly delicious, this goes well on any sandwich! Taste fantastic on a turkey club!"
- Alexander Ha

"This sauce is good on a lot of things, but the other night I put it on the fish, tellapia (however you spell it), with a little butter, and a little garlic powder. My husband couldn't stop talking about how good it was. It was truly fabulous."
- Joanne Fischman

"I love this sauce on pork loin. This is a wonderful sweet sauce with the rosemary it is a very tasty combination of flavors"
- Carolyn Hopkins

"This sauce is incredibly versatile. I make a spicy scalloped sweet potato dish that always receives raves from my family and guests."
- Jan Diombala

"I have ordered this before and love it with crab cakes."
- Arminta Griffin

"Bought this on a whim at Fresh Market and love it!! It is great just by itself, I will be back for more!"
- Laura Fine

"Absolutely delicious! I use it on many things, including eggs, vegetables--anything that can use a bit of zing, without the sauce overwhelming the basic favors of the dish."
- Kathy Keenan

"This a fantastic sauce for a wide variety of dishes, sandwiches etc. Highly recommend it."
- Zane Poulson