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Ginger Wasabi Sauce

Ginger Wasabi Sauce
Also Available in Gallon Sizes: 

Ginger Wasabi Sauce

The amazing duo of ginger and wasabi are brought together to create a delightful sauce. Great as a sauce for sushi, or to add zip to tuna salad. Fire up the grill and drizzle on grilled tuna or salmon.  

Keto Friendly
Low Carb
Low Sugar
Dairy Free

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors

"This sauce is such a surprise. Not intimidating, but potent. Characterized by a slightly sweet undercurrent, uplifting ginger and smack- you- in- the- face wasabi, it is sublime on roasted salmon. Extra dollops added by even the most timid in my house after an initial "sensible" napping of the chosen fish. We are enraptured with its effect on spicy roasted salmon. I am looking for ways to use it - maybe mixed with rice when served with another fish; spooned over boring veggies; swirled into an Asian salad featuring greens, bean sprouts,, sesame seeds and won-ton croutons. I am a chef and usually prefer to make my own sauces, but this baby is the bomb. Why sweat when you can spoon this over, well, everything!"
- Cherie Kimmons