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Patio Pairings: Assembly Only Recipes, Ready in Minutes to Enjoy on Your Patio

Mango Habanero Jam with Manchego Cheese and Sliced Almonds
Mango Habanero Manchego Cheese  Bites 
Recipe featured above


Manchego Cheese, cut into triangles
Terrapin Ridge Farms Mango Habanero Jam
Sliced Almonds
Assembly only recipe.
Slice the manchego cheese into long triangles. Prepare a handful of cheese slices so they are ready to serve. We like to have them ready to serve and easy to grab on small napkins or with toothpicks. To prepare the Mango Habanero Manchego Cheese Bite, add a dollop of Mango Habanero Jam on top of a cheese slice and place a slivered almond on top. Pair with wine or specialty beer.



Camembert and Blackberry Chipotle Sauce Crostini 


Baguette or pre-sliced crositinis
Brie Cheese
Terrapin Ridge Farms Blackberry Chipotle Sauce
Toasted your crostinis in the oven. Pull them out and add slices of brie on top. Re-heat in oven until brie starts to melt. Add a small pour or small spoonful of Blackberry Chipotle Sauce on top. Arrange on a serving dish and serve warm. 


Summer Sausage and Cheese Bite


Summer Sausage
White American Cheese
Terrapin Ridge Farms Raspberry Wasabi Mustard
Assembly only recipe.
Pour Raspberry Wasabi Mustard into a serving dish. Stick a toothpick through a cube of white american cheese and then through a slice of summer sausage. Serve pre-assembled with the Raspberry Wasabi Mustard as the dipping sauce.