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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Deb Coletta
    Best mustard on the planet

    I really love this mustard. It’s terrific

    Lynn Calderwood
    Great discovery!

    Found this at Publix while in Florida and decided to give it a try. We used it on as many foods as we could because it was so delicious! Didn't want to let any go to waste before we headed home!

    Elaine Butt
    Dill pickle relish

    Love this mustard

    Palyn F
    No way - Dill Pickle Mustard!?

    I bought the Dill Pickle Mustard as a stocking stuffer gift, which might sound weird, but my adult daughter loves dill pickle everything! She could not believe a dill pickle mustard existed - she loves it, in fact, we all do! It is amazing on homemade hamburgers! It has none of the unhealthy oils like Canola (yuck) or Soybean, etc (some of their other products do contain these ingredients so read before purchasing if you are avoiding these oils like we are). We are going to add it to deviled eggs next, which I'm sure will be a big hit as well. No wonder it was the Gold Medal Winner from the World Wide Mustard Competition!...and Made in the USA - try it, you're gonna love it!

    Daniel Snyder
    Dill Pickle Mustard

    I first purchased this product at a local store that has since going out of business. I found your website on a jar that I had and have continued to purchase the Dill Pickle mustard. I really love the taste of it.