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    5 Favorite Cheese and Product Pairings!

    Pecan Honey Mustard + Sharp Cheddar

    The sweetness of the honey accentuates the cheddar's creamy background while the slightly hidden bite of vinegar and mustard work together with the cheese's sharpness to create an all-around robust, yet balanced flavor. Perfect, in our opinion.

    Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam + Goat Cheese

    Blueberry with goat cheese is a classic pairing. Our addition of bourbon, cinnamon, and pecans adds depth to the sweetness of the blueberries, making the classic pairing more interesting and flavorful. The tang of goat cheese is perfectly balanced by the jam.

    Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam+ Brie

    Creamy, nutty, tangy, brie needs a companion like Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam. The sweetness and tartness of the berries refreshes the palate from the brie while the smokiness of the bacon enhances the brie's mild yet unique flavors.

    Raspberry Wasabi Mustard + Gruyere

    Tasty! The mild and nutty flavor of gruyere flatters the tangy, sharpness of the mustard and raspberry. The best part is the refreshing kick of wasabi at the end, complimented enough by the cheese to make the wasabi tolerable and delicious.

    Apple Maple Bacon Jam + Blue Cheese

    Pungent, tangy, and strong Blue Cheese met its match with Apple Maple Bacon Jam. This combination is one of our all-time favorites. The apples and sweet maple compliment the savoriness of the blue cheese, while the smoky bacon and bity cinnamon call forward the cheese's creaminess and balance out the tang. Palate pleaser!