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    New Products for Spring!

    9161 Chili Lime Ranch Dressing $8.45
    This dressing features a bold combination of warm chili peppers and citrusy lime. Give your southwest pasta salad a punch of zesty flavor or use as the perfect topper for your Churrasco steaks or grilled chicken sandwich. Makes a tangy marinade for chicke
    n and fish.

    821 Chili Lime Aioli Squeeze $6.95
    This creamy aioli is a bright and flavorful combination of chili peppers, savory spices and tangy lime. Grilled chicken, fish, and shrimp skewers were made for this mouth-watering condiment. Makes a great dressing for tacos or add to a corn, black bean, tomato and avocado salad. Add this aioli whenever you need a flavorful kick.

    9160 Hot Habanero Bacon Jam $8.50
    Spicy habaneros, roasted red bell peppers and real bacon combine to create an addictive jam. For a quick appetizer, pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. An excellent burger topper and condiment for sandwiches, wraps and paninis. The perfect accompaniment for cheese boards and charcuterie.

    9159 Raspberry Chipotle Sauce $8.95
    The smoky earthy flavor of chipotle peppers are perfectly blended with tart raspberries to create a delicate taste sensation. Perfect as a finishing sauce or to use for grilling. For a quick and easy appetizer, pour over cream cheese or brie and serve with crackers. Makes a perfect accompaniment for cheese boards or charcuterie.

    822 Truffle Hot Sauce $9.00
    Our Hot Truffle Sauce marries spicy chili peppers with the unique earthy flavor of truffles to create something truly special. Level up your mac 'n cheese and pasta recipes. Add sophisticated flair to burgers, grilled cheese, chicken wings and tenders. Available Soon!

    818 Truffle Aioli Squeeze $8.25
    Improved Flavor
    Truffles add subtle, earthy flavor to our creamy aioli.Use this aioli to add distinctive flavor to sandwiches and roasted vegetables. Squeeze on grilled or roasted chicken. For a real treat drizzle over french fries or Tater Tots.


    80313 Spicy Chipotle Squeeze 14 oz $10.00
    Adds a smokey kick to salads, burgers, fries, veggies, noodles, sandwiches, fish and seafood, poultry, and beef. Terrific as a sauce or marinade for chicken or fish. Squeeze on fish tacos or scrambled eggs.

    81113 Jalapeno Aioli Squeeze 13.25 oz $10.00
    The velvety texture of this aioli combined with jalapenos and a subtle hint of lemon, make this the perfect sauce to squeeze on everything! Use this sauce to add zing to burgers, sandwiches, fries, you name it.

    81413 Everything Aioli Squeeze 13 oz $10.00
    We called this everything aioli because you will want to put this on EVERYTHING. It's all there: ketchup, pickle, mustard, onion, mayo and chilies. Perfect on burgers, sandwiches, wraps and fried fish. Dip French fries and finger foods for a fab and tasty treat.