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    Reusing Glass and Plastic Jars

    Reusing Your Glass and Plastic Jars
    Whether you're trying to save the environment, save money, or you just want a little project to occupy your time you can reuse your glass and plastic jars to fulfill any purpose!
    Glass and plastic jars seem to be part of nearly every type of packaging in your home. Rather than throwing them out with the next trash run, they can easily be repurposed for a variety of projects. Decorations, storage, and more are all ways to reuse your glass and plastic jars.
    Here are some tips from Household Advice.

    If you're finishing up peanut butter jars every week, it can seem a mindless waste to toss them all in the trash. Plastic and glass jars from peanut butter, pickles, and more can become storage anywhere in your home.
    Empty peanut butter jars and wash them thoroughly to store dry cereal in your cupboard. Jam jars whether glass or plastic can be repurposed to store bathroom supplies like cotton swabs or bobby pins. Remove the labels and use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean off the glue or adhesive so your jar, plastic, or glass, is ready to be reused for storage.

    Canning may seem like an old-fashioned way to feed your family but if you buy in bulk you can preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for the winter. Jars can be washed and reused from season to season as you can, pickle, and jar every vegetable you can buy or grow.

    Sourdough Starter
    Sourdough bread and starters have become all the rage during the recent pandemic and the vessel for this starter is consistently glass jars. With their non-porous nature, glass jars can be repurposed and reused to house your latest sourdough starter.

    If you cook a lot, you'll inevitably end up with some leftovers. Plastic containers may leak contaminants and by reusing your peanut butter, jelly, or old salsa jars, you can store your leftovers without worrying about being able to heat them in the jar or issues with the plastic. You can also use jars to accurately and aesthetically meal prep for your whole week!

    This is direct toward glass jars as they present a sturdier and more appealing visage right off the bat! You can reuse your canning jars or pull out old salsa jars and add a little bit to them to have a quality decoration for your home.

    Cookie Gift Jar
    These may belong in your pantry but they're also a sweet decoration for your countertop or around your home. By layering the dry ingredients in your jar and decorating it with some specific details, your cookie gift jar will be both a yummy treat and a pretty decoration.

    No matter the size and shape of your reused glass jar, you can create a luminary to put around your home. Simply clean up your reused jar, add battery operated tea lights or string fairy lights, and you're done! Your home will light up and be illuminated in a snap and your glass jar is successfully reused.

    Plants are a wonderful way to spruce up your home in a snap! You can even build yourself a mini terrarium in a reused glass jar so your home has a spark of life, contained and cared for. Clean out your jar and find plans to build a terrarium and get started with your favorite plants and designs.

    Practical Purposes
    There are always a few things that seem to escape your notice around your home. Having a place for everything and everything in its place is a wonderful way to organize your life and keep your jars out of the trash and out of the landfill.

    Button Jar
    If you enjoy sewing, your button collection may be getting out of hand. Instead of having buttons, buttons everywhere, collect them all in a jar. This will allow you to see all of your selections and keep your collection contained.

    Nuts and Bolts Jar
    Living in a home or apartment usually means you'll have a few loose screws or bolts that you need to keep contained. Instead of letting them float around your junk drawer, collect them in a plastic or glass jar so you'll be able to easily access them and keep them from cluttering up your house.

    Reusing your glass and plastic jars keeps them out of landfills and give you some practical storage and containers for your home. Whatever you can imagine, you can make it happen with a reused glass or plastic jar!