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Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Bacon Jam Scallops and Garlic Bread

8 lg sea scallops
4 slices maple bacon (cut in half)
8 toothpicks
8 tsp Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

4 diagonally sliced crostinis
Garlic butter Parmesan Cheese


Wrap the scallops tightly in a piece of bacon and use toothpick to stabilize. Spread garlic butter on crostinis. Bake scallops and garlic crostinis in separate baking dishes (crostinis can go straight on oven racks or grill grates) at 400 deg until desired crispness of bacon and until the bread is golden brown then top with parmesan cheese until melted. Place 1 tsp Hot Pepper Bacon Jam under each scallop parcel. Green onions for garnish, eat and enjoy.

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