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    Cranberry Relish Chicken Salad

    The Perfect Holiday Salad 1 cup chopped celery 1/3 cup Mayonnaise (Greek yogurt can be substituted) 1 cup chopped onions 1 pound chopped cooked chicken breast (we used our leftovers in

    Bacon Aioli n Chive Tater Tots

    For the perfect bacon-tastic appetizer all you need is Terrapin Ridge Farms Bacon Aioli Squeeze, Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Chives and Tater Tots. We used 1 bag of Tater Tots and the rest is to taste!

    Spicy Chipotle Nachos

    Level Up Your Nachos with Our Spicy Chipotle Squeeze! You will need: Terrapin Ridge Farms Spicy Chipotle Squeeze to Taste 1 Bag of Tortilla Chips 1/2 Can of Black Beans, Drained 1

    Devilishly Delicious Deviled Eggs 5 Ways

    Great as an appetizer or as a light meal, deviled eggs are sure to delight a crowd. But as a staple of spring brunch, how can you keep them devilishly delicious for every occasion? We've got five ways

    Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

    Waffle Breakfast Sandwich We love this recipe because there are so many ways you can make it! Use Brie and add our Apple Maple Bacon Jam... the combinations are endless. With the help of a blogger

    Easter Dinner Ideas

    Our marketing specialist, Clare O'Donnell, wanted to show how she uses Terrapin Ridge in her Easter Dinner. See below for how to make roasted pineapple habanero ham, bacon jam mac and cheese, and more

    Breakfast Nachos

    Recipe inspired by @healthyfitbites87 on Instagram. Ingredients: Lime Tortilla Chips Eggs Tomato Lettuce Corn off the cob Sauerkraut Avocado Terrapin Ridge Farms Spicy C

    Sriracha Horseradish Prime Rib

    Ingredients: 1, 6 pound boneless prime rib roast 2 tablespoons Terrapin Ridge Farms Sriracha Horseradish Squeeze Garnishing Sauce 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 t

    Tart Cherry, Apple & Rosemary Glaze Filet Mignon

    The filet mignon of your dreams! Rich, juicy steak glazed and soaked with Terrapin Ridge Farms Tart, Cherry and Apple Rosemary Glaze. Allow filet mignon to thaw until room temperature and soak

    Bacon Jam Brussel Sprouts

    Delicious and Simple! Cooking redefined. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (205 degrees C). Place trimmed Brussels sprouts in baking pan and lightly cover with olive oil. After 20-25 minutes

    5 Delicious Ways to Use Pumpkin Honey Mustard

    Terrapin Ridge Farms Presents 5 Ways to Start Using Pumpkin Honey Mustard This Fall! 1.Spice up your average Turkey sandwich with our Pumpkin Honey mustard: Ingredients -2 slices sourdoug

    Cheesy Corned Beef Dip

    Creamy, cheesy and full of flavor. Eat it with a spoon or a soft piece of bread. This dip is simple to make and absolutely mouth watering. Ingredients: 1 jar 8 oz. Terrapin Ridge Farms Roasted

    Netflix + Chew, Comfort Food Elevate

    Cold weather, rainy days, hard work weeks- you name it, all of these call for yummy comfort food to cure the blues. But who wants to change out of their pajamas and run to the store to grab 20+ ingred