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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Leigh Ann Dees
    Great Customer Service!

    Had previously bought two products but having trouble relocating where bought! Called directly and wound up getting previously bought items plus other recommended items! The Strawberry Fig Jam is amazing!

    Andrew Crockett
    Great New Aioli

    Our new fav along with jalapeño and hot wasabi. But don’t take them all!

    Stacy Ritchhart

    Avo Aioli Roasted Garlic Squeeze

    Deborah S Troner
    What a wonderful company!

    Of course, every product they make is superior in taste and quality - that’s a given. We recently ordered a few new sauces, and UPS somehow told me our order was delivered when it had not arrived at our house. I emailed customer service, and they said they’d investigate. The package arrived the next day - whether brought by a neighbor or actually brought a day lat by UPS, I don’t know. I wrote back to customer service and thought that was the end of the matter, but two days later, a replacement order arrived at our house! This time I phoned customer service to suggest sending me a mailing label so I could send back the extra order, and they told me to keep and share the extra items, wishing me a Merry Christmas.
    Now I ask you, how many companies are so responsive and so customer oriented? Terrapin Ridge Farms wins my award for the best company of the year (and probably the decade), hands down! They will have my business forever.

    Vickie W
    Heat is not jams friend

    I first picked up a jar of the blueberry bourbon pecan jam while on vacation in Coco Village, Fla. it was gone the first time it got opened. I used it as an appetizer then a slight brush over chicken. When we got home I got on the web sight and was amazed at all the flavors and other products they offered, not to mention recipes.
    I ordered several items and or coarse it was hotter than heck weather. Everything was packed nicely but the jam was syrupy, I was horrified and was hoping this didn’t alter the flavors . After a cool/cold water pan “cool down”, the jars firmed up and I was able to create my recipes.
    The only reason for a 4 star review was due to the jams being delivered in liquid form. I will definitely order again but when it not so scorching hot weather.