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Dill Pickle Mustard

Dill Pickle Mustard

Dill Pickle Mustard

Mouthwatering dill pickles and smooth Dijon... it's the mustard you've been waiting for! Level up your burgers, brats, and dogs. Add some zing to potato salad and deviled eggs. 

Gold Medal Winner from the World Wide Mustard Competition! 

Gluten Free.
Low Carb.
Low Sugar.
Keto Friendly.
Dairy Free. 

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors 

"This mustard is a staple in my house. My kids ask for it by name on every sandwich from turkey sandwiches to grilled cheese."
- Erin Foster

Hello, just got another delivery of your products. Not only am I hooked, hooked my wife tonight! Showed her how to take some of the flavored mustards with a little water and make salad dressings out of them. The sky is the limit. I am on a very good diet called Profile by Sanford and have lost 35 pounds in 2 months. Your products have been part of my diet on a daily basis. One gets creative.

- Joe Reynolds
"I'm telling you that Dill Pickle Mustard is so good, I can drink it!"
- Kristopher @girldadbbq

I have to tell you I very rarely write a comment about a product or service.
So for me to do this means a Lot!
By chance I picked up a jar of your dill pickle mustard.
It’s the Best. I’m think I’m going to try some of your other products.

- Robert Roberts
"Greetings! I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the Dill Pickle Mustard. We're just finishing our first jar and I have ordered 3 more, along with some things we've not yet tried. My husband is not typically a fan of mustard on his burgers, choosing mayo and no pickles, almost always - but he tried this on a burger recently, along with me, and really liked it! Also, normally when I make potato salad, I have to scoop out his portion while it has only mayo, and then I add some French's mustard to the rest. Today, I scooped his part into a separate bowl. Then I thought I would dip a little bit out and add the Dill Pickle Mustard, just to see what it was like. I immediately took some over to him and said, "Just try this and see what you think." Well, his eyes lit up and he said, "Yeah, do that!" When I asked if he still wanted his separate bowl with mayo only, he declined and said to put it all back together with the Dill Pickle Mustard. We have been married almost 47 years, and this was a "first"."
- Becky
"Tried the Dill Pickle Mustard that was BOGO at Publix this week. Had never heard of your brand but saw it in the deli area and thought it sounded great. It is! Tonight we had snacks for dinner -- pretzel bites with the mustard, and blackberries, strawberries, honeydew melon, and almonds. We are plant-based and love condiments and sauces!"
- Diana Davis