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Tart Cherry, Apple and Rosemary Glaze

Tart Cherry, Apple and Rosemary Glaze
Also Available in Gallon Sizes: 

Tart Cherry, Apple and Rosemary Glaze

This specialty sauce is best used by brushing on meat during cooking. Apply once for a subtle flavor or allow the sauce to glaze, then reapply multiple times for a more robust flavorful effect. Perfect for turkey, pork and chicken. For a real treat mix into mashed sweet potatoes or acorn squash.

Gluten Free.
Dairy Free. 

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors

" As most of you know I've been in LOVE with the amazing @terrapinridgefarms products since I discovered them last year. I use them on my husband's wraps & sandwiches, & have been finding other creative ways to use them in our dinners "
- LeeAnne
"Remarkable selection and I love everything I tried."
- Nancy Kiley Erickson-Flake
"Follow directions to build up several coatings while grilling and this sauce delivers. Unique flavor of ingredients comes through well. Leaves a nice color as well. Try it - you'll like it."
- Mike Yorke
"The cherry, apple and rosemary glaze is delicious! Will be buying again for future pork loins!"
- Audrey Rice