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    Nancy B
    Enhances, avocado, toast

    I put this on just about everything. Love it with my eggs, but the best is on an English muffin and avocado.

    Bert Cheney
    Love it

    We found this jam at a local store and consumed it quickly. The store had no more, so we found Terrapin Ridge store on the internet and ordered a much larger size! Everything about the order process and the product is excellent.

    Del Cat
    Best Jam in the World

    I love their jams and only wish there were more of the hot jams that were available in the 44 oz containers.

    Tracy Miller
    Must have

    We must have this jam on hand at all times. We use in several recipes but on smoked cream cheese it is the best.

    David Ddies
    last order

    Just recently received my order for 3, 43 oz jars of Hot Pepper Bacon Jam. Have only opened one jar and have issues. The jam was kind of solidified around the edges ant the top. I used a fork to break the jam up and was semi successful although it was difficult to spread on toast. Had to use a fork.The jam tasted just fine and have eaten about 1/3 of the jar. Have not opened the other two jars yet and hope they will be better.
    Had the same problem with a previous order of multiple flavors. Only one of the jars was bad and I was issued a credit.
    I think your product is great except for the solidifying problem.
    Dave Dries
    5231 Layton Drive
    Venice Fl. , 34293
    Ph [****]