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Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Hot Pepper Bacon Jam

Number 1 Bestseller 

Smoked Fatty Sandwich by James Brown from Grill Nation

Hot Pepper Bacon Jam
Roasted red pepper puree, jalapeno peppers and real bacon combine to create an addictive jam. For a quick appetizer, pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers. Use straight out of the jar as a dip. Pairs perfectly with strong cheeses. Delicious served with grilled fish and chicken or as a condiment on a sandwich, wrap or Panini.

Gluten Free.
Dairy Free.

Free of Saturated Fat.
Free of Cholesterol.

Simple Ingredients * Intense Flavors

"I bought some hot pepper bacon jam and it is the bomb! I added a teaspoon to my deviled eggs and they were over the top!"
- Vicky Platt
"Hello! I got my husband a Man Crate for Christmas and now I’m in love with the Hot Pepper Bacon Jam! Can you tell me if there’s anywhere around me that sells it? Zip code is 98366 or Port Orchard, WA. Thank you! "
- Anonymous
"Your hot pepper bacon jam is the best I’ve ever tasted!!!! Period Thank you"
- Jim Rafferty
"Absolutely love the product, (and Spicy Chipotle too!!), but having a hard time finding it. - Mark Smestad "
- Review
"For a house gift, we now take the bacon pepper jelly instead of a bottle of wine. Its a big hit!"
- Anonymous
"This stuff is where it's at!! A friend brought it to me from TN and it didn't last a week in my house! I just ordered 5 jars. It is now a staple ingredient in my kitchen!"
- Nicole Rapisardi
"Hot Pepper Bacon Jam Review or Testimonial: This stuff is addictive. It is unbelievably delish. Now I have to remember where I bought it. I am out and having withdrawal. :-) I haven't tried all the recipes suggested, just over cream cheese. If the other recipes are as good, my diet is in trouble. "
- Sara Strickland
"The Hot pepper bacon jam is delicious. We served it over cream cheese and out guests loved it. In fact I was asked by a couple of my guests to order jars of this jam for them!"
- Elizabeth Thomen
"3 weeks ago I had your hot bacon jam with a cheese selection at the Wine Bar in Kiawah SC. I immediately bought 4 jars-2 of which I sent to friend in NYC. Thank you. I am hopelessly addicted."
- Mary Lou Scott
"My daughter gave me the small jar of Hot Pepper Bacon Jam for my birthday. Possibly the best thing that ever rode a cracker into my mouth. My order is forthcoming!"
- Kenneth A Wolkin

My son knows that I like to try weird combinations of things so he sent me a jar of the hot pepper bacon jam. This stuff is delicious on just about anything.
I have it with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, cheeses, all kinds of meats and it’s great.

- Stan Scott
"This jam is "life-changing""
- Elise and Dennis
"Awesome products! Love their Hot Pepper Bacon Jam."
- Jean-François Burman
"You will not believe how delicious this is! We use it in our catering business in lots of different ways.... we marinate our pork loin, brush it on our pork loin before cooking, wrap the pork loin with bacon, and then drizzle the pork loin with it after it's done. It's an OMG moment! Great over baked brie. Just use your imagination!!!!"
- Linda Hall
"The hot pepper bacon jam is so good."
- John Antonio
"Honestly, we can't taste the heat but the flavor is full without it. Tried it as suggested, poured over cream cheese to scoop onto a cracker - fantastic. Also put it on a ciabatta bun with a grilled hamburger, pepper jack cheese and some avocado - also wonderful."
- Jan Kotila
"Try Hot Pepper Bacon Jam on a cheeseburger !! AHHHHHmazing ! "
- Barbara Kravitz
"I received your hot pepper bacon jam as part of a Man Crate birthday gift from my kids and I absolutely love the jam. The jam is now one of my most favorite items in the refrigerator and my go to item when I want a sweet, spicy, flavorful treat. I will be ordering more of this and will try many more flavors from your company. Great job!"
- James
"The apple horseradish and the hot pepper bacon do very well in our shop."
- Michael Johnson
"I got the Bacon Pepper Jelly in a "Man Crate" from a co worker as a gift... where have they been all my life!?! Finished my Xmas shopping too cause I found them. Awesome! And ordered some treats for us."
- Matt Cole